Hi there, Torrent Learning is here 👋

Hi there,
Torrent Learning is here 👋

This is a place to learn via torrents currently providing you with a wide variety of courses just to make e-learning easier and quicker than ever.

One aim of this site is to create the infrastructure to allow open access to courses to operate at low cost. By facilitating file transfers, the courses can focus on its core mission of providing world class research. After peer review the courses can be indexed on this site and disseminated throughout our system.

You can get 1000$ worth courses just for a price of coffee i.e, 2$ per month. We can provide you with a one month worth free trial. You can get it by using our promo code, that is "FREEFORAMONTH" No Card required.

Occasionally I write articles and stuff online at my Experience Exhibiting Blog. You can also find me on Medium. I suggest you to get started ASAP because this opportunity of mass learnig can not be available forever. Don't forget to upvote us on Product Hunt.

You can check out all the current avalible courses Here!. Get infrequent updates on . Connect with us on Instagram. Or if you like, you can send us an email.